March 16th is Launch Day – 2PM EST!

estateofunrestEveryone loves launch day, isn’t it the best? Everyone’s naked, struggling to survive, struggling to stay awake after 30 hours. You know you love it, isn’t that why you’re here? We are a special breed of idiot us EQTLP players. So lets just own it already.

Class sign up sheet:     CLICK HERE
Join us on Discord:     CLICK HERE


Be Aggressive!
We will be starting raids within several days of the servers launch, members reaching level 46+ quickly will be made full members right away. Stragglers who do not make 46+ by the end of our first raid cycle may be subject to a trial period to obtain full membership. Players attending our first 2 raid nights will earn an initial DKP bonus at the start of the first raid for their launch efforts.

Who are we?

We are a mix of players from multiple successful progression guilds who love the grind of Classic to PoP and beyond. We are players that fully appreciate the replay value this game has to offer, and welcome the opportunity to improve our game-play and strategy on every new iteration of the TLP servers.
When do we raid?
Instanced raids will be completed on lockout during prime-time weeknight hours around 7PM-9PMCST depending entirely whats on our menu. This is in attempt to have some raid times for static content which PST, CST, and EST time zone players can all consistently plan for.
Additionally,the guild will utilize a “Bat Phone” system using a closed twitter account so you can receive mobile notifications when an open world target is available outside of our instanced raid times. Members are not required to login for off-hours “Bat-Phoned” raids, but are highly encouraged and rewarded to do so. If you do happen to be online when a raid is called, you must drop what you are doing and head out to the raid target quickly and efficiently as possible.
Loot System
We will utilize an open-bid DKP system. Attendance, DKP and items won will be tracked in an EQDKP-Plus based website. This system has been proven to be a sustainable and reliable long-term method for distributing loot fairly.
Certain items will be reserved for certain Classes/Arch-types within the first month of an expansions launch. The caliber of player we are looking to recruit will need no explanation for this, and will already know why.
Example of reserved items may or may not include: Blade of Carnage/other aggro items, high AC items, some Bows, Abashi’s Rod of Disembowelment, certain Haste items, and healing efficiency focus items. None of these should be a major surprise to you. It will be common sense standard stuff we promise. If the officers feel a sufficient number of the reserved items have dropped we will open them up to all classes.
Do what is right…
These servers have a history of being competitive, and at times extremely toxic. Each of you is expected to play hard and passionately to defend what is rightfully yours within the “morale bounds of fair play”.
Think twice before you steam roll an innocent group and ask yourself, do I really need to do this? Is the guilds progression dependent on this? If so, do what has to be done. But if that other group just wants a few mobs being the bigger man can save you from some potential retaliation later, be smart about it.
DO NOT EVER let each other back down from a bully though. If you tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble, then this guild is not for you. The players in this guild have each others backs, and if someone is trying to mess with you, you stomp them out… PERIOD.
We are the ones who knock…
Public Service Announcement
The Guild Leadership and Daybreak are not here to be your babysitters.
You are all adults and we expect our members to find ways to resolve common disputes they may have with players outside of the guild.
In Closing
In a game where knowledge is power, share it with one another freely. Lean on one another. There is always a better, faster, and more efficient way to accomplish something, so keep an open mind… always.
See you on the field!
Officer Positions Available
If you are a person of extraordinary talents please contact us in discord to speak about Leadership and Officer positions today!


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