The Eye is all that remains…



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Phinigel-kill.jpgYou probably thought this was going to be an update on how the Phinigel Server is dead since the release of Coirnav. Welp… I don’t know about all that noise, but what I do know is that we are loving the Coirnav server.

Phinigel was filleted by 58 <RI> members on Tuesday night. It was nothing fancy just a quick in and out… there is a joke about Kegadin’s mom in there somewhere, but moving on.

The Coirnav servers classic EXP gain, with the recent ZEM changes Daybreak implemented, provided a legitimate challenge for even the most seasoned of launch groups.

Props to the winners of the race to 50 goes to the boys over at …lets call them “Team Huggies” who beat out the lead <Relentless Insomnia> group “The TLP Allstars” to level 50. It was a helluva a race that I’m quite certain any medical professional would advise against any of us doing ever again. While I’d love to say all 3 lead leveling teams met up in Lower Guk and trained the shit out of one another for half a day to claim first place… sadly it was just a straight up grind fist fight with not much in the way of juicy drama, which tells you that the top players on this server are classy as fuck if nothing else.

The Dragon’s are up next…well, if the rest of our guild will hit 50 already damnit!! LETS GOOOO!


This leveling grind from 1-50 made possible by:


Vicious out!


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