Kunark Recruitment, Server Crashes, DPS Races, and Swole Diapers

Ronnie for Kunark.jpg

First things first… shout out to GM Dalgras.

This dude kind of snuck up on us. We haven’t seen him a ton prior to Coirnav, but he is solid. This guy can always be counted on to do the right thing by players, and his response times are nothing short of a amazing when something is really going wrong that needs attention. We have reports of this guy fielding high priority tickets at all hours of the night and on weekends none the less.


I’m not talking about the little junk we expect to wait a day or two for, but as an example we recently had two players in a bind death loop because some dude was training them while they passed out at their computer (LOL), and Dalgras was gracious enough to take action by kicking our guys from the game. 50 rezzes later by our clerics and our players only ended up losing one level or so. The guy training for 2 hours straight hasn’t been back online since. RIP

It could have been much much worse…

So I know GM Dunbar is going to be super jealous, but the May 2018 Swole award goes to GM Dalgras , you are fucking brilliant…even when we aren’t.


Better luck next month Dunbar.

DPS Races are a funny thing, they bring out the best and the worst of people at the same time. They only ever seem to bring out the best of our guild, which makes me sad that we don’t get to race guilds that often on Coirnav.

Last night the Coirnav server crashed/reset and as a result it bumped two guilds out of their instanced Sky (ouch) and into open world Sky. Lucky for these the open world Sky zone had fully re-spawned on the server crash (yay)…and both of their guilds were in the zone already in force, all alone, seemingly free to cherry pick the good stuff without the Relentless Insomnia tyrants to interfere.

Meanwhile our entire raid force was zoning back into Plane of Fear to a full trash pop dying and training ourselves silly, which despite going 3 for 3 on Slime bloods on the Golems last night (WTFLOL), saw Cazic depop on the server crash. All was right with the world for our “competition”.tumblr_inline_p7hia2ZPKm1r5z2zo_500.gif




Oh except for … Relentless found out Sky repopped and with only two Wizards in our raid managed to clean up Fear and mobilize to Sky and the only thing we lost was a single measly Spiroc Lord which we don’t need at all anymore anyway!

Think about this for a second….

Relentless had 60 people and after the server crashed we had people log into a full Plane of fear pop…it was a mess…trains galore… all that and with only two wizards porting us we got to sky and smoked everyone still. I mean… these other guilds had their raids in-force in the PoSky just from logging in…all ready  to rock and roll. We cleaned up fear, got into Sky, got buffed, and got our race on and we decimated the place.

Relentless lost the Spiroc Lord kill before we zoned in, but walked away with:

Protector of Sky – Gorgalosk – Keeper of Souls – Bazzt Zzzt -Eye of Veeshan

The race came to a head with a DPS Race on Bee vs TFC, 14 of out of the top 17 on the parse were…you guessrf it… Relentless Raiders. Get dunked on son.

Oh and this is where Ezam puts his amazingly shitty UI on display for all to enjoy, he’s from TFC himself…so he’s got a slight handicap we know.


Well done team. Driving head first into Kunark strong!


Yah I stole that banner from the internet some where. Come get me.


Last but not least I want to say a big congrats from everyone at to our local swole boy Philadar on his new baby boy.

We got to hear his warcry last night before this DPS race which I’m sure is what inspired the hearts of our troops as we ran into battle.swole baby.gif

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