Kunark Defeated in 11 Days!


DPS Races, Train Wars, Charm Gating, Bad Language, Sharp Sticks and one really pissed off guy named Ronnie…

It was a grind for the ages. Ask anyone and they will tell you that 50-60 on Coirnav was the slowest of all the TLPs since. Opening day we dominated with a fast Venril Sathir and Severilous kill to start our Kunark domination properly. Then we released people to EXP and farm Medallions. After fighting and securing 48 VP Keys, 9 Trankanon kills, 10 Sev and 14 Venril Sathir kills we were able to knock our Phara Dar not once, but twice last night.

Xygos (1)

Think about this for a second. In 11 Days our guild has secured roughly the same number of Kills OR MORE than most instanced guilds here will see all of Kunark on Trak/VS/Sev.

Are you really in the guild you want to be in?  I mean really think about this, you’ll be lucky to see one of your classes BP/Legs drop during Kunark at this rate let alone fucking winning one with your guilds shitty loot system. Tell you what… when they are rotting here I’ll sell you your BP in the Commonlands ❤  – We got you babe.

Crown of Rile - Theo - Zumi

Grats Zumi and Theomars!


Robe of the Azure Sky - Paxton

Grats Paxton!


Shroud of Veeshan - Fascination

Grats Fascination!


Our “Competition” tries to sell you on the fact that they are nipping at our heels…but its just not even fair what we are doing to them. They are getting crushed.

In fact after a “contested” Trakanon kill on Friday night when members of The Final Crusade sat by and watched us slaughter Trak helplessly…jaws on the floor… a guild member equated what we were doing to punching a 5 year old girl in the face….I’m not sure how he knows what that is like…and I definitely don’t want to ask him… nor do I condone domestic violence, but if I’m being honest…I actually felt guilty and sad for TFC members having to sit there and get cucked like that. I’ve been there, it sucks. So Valiant attempt TFC, hopefully you learned something by calling in GMs to try and fight your battles for you… lol

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