Godslayers and Velious Recruitment

Winter is coming…



Greetings Godslayers and Frogslayers alike!


The guild romped through Velious instances on test last night and turned out a win on everything without breaking a sweat.

Avatar of War


In fact the only thing that killed anyone was our wizard’s rains when we engaged Avatar of War inside the Kael Arena lawl =P


Image result for eq rain spells

We are getting our Velious mobilization traction down pat and readying our members for the expansion that is coming in late August, The Scars of Velious!

Now is a great time to apply regardless of your class. We are rocking more than a 72 man raid force on test server alone, but are always looking to replace an alt for a new talented main in our primary raid!

Exciting times ahead as we enter one of the best expansions in EverQuest. Get in and get established with us prior to Velious launch so you can really enjoy the expansion!


Apply on our forums!

Please contact Camus, Fascination, or Vicious in-game about joining today!

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