Premium Douche



It has come to our attention that this godless Russian Mob owned company Daybreak Games has decided to release their next TLP expansion for Coirnav on the night before a major US holiday, when people are supposed to be traveling, cooking, drinking and enjoying life.

For some of you we know what that means… nothing at all. For others we know it means that you are basically throwing in the towel this expansion and taking launch easy.

For Relentless Insomnia though we believe we can have our turkey and eat it too! Thus we have been hard at work saturating our members mains and alts with end game Velious gear, and tackling Shadows of Luclin raids on test to make sure opening night goes off without a hitch. Then we can break away to stuff our faces like the gluttons that we are.



As always we are looking for motivated raiders!

Hit the Discord button above and apply on our forums today!



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