We are just better… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We didn’t want to clear all that trash in open world VT for only 3 bosses, and our coth bots won’t be fully ready until this weekend. But then a Christmas miracle… enter The Final Crusade. God how can you not love these guys, they keep making our jobs so easy!

RI scouts saw TFC clearing open world VT trash, and we had everyone wait outside VT for the right moment. Then we zoned in, raced through the fully cleared zone, and stomped all over Thall Va Kelun in a DPS race with 13 less people than the TFC zerg raid.




 TFC had more numbers so I actually was a little surprised we won, so I felt we should have our number crunchers…(and munchers?) analyze the dps breakdown a little more carefully to see how we did… and…behold.





For the record the 7 year old version of myself would have kicked your ass at this game too TFC. Call me the crown prince of vintage pc games… in that even if you did find a way to beat us, our monks …err I mean Allah would just compel us to have you eliminated faster that a nosy american journalist in a Saudi mens bathroom.


bin-salman-saudi[1] (1)

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