20 Years of EverQuest!

aten panties (1)

First off Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from RI!

We’ve been lazy as hell these last few weeks leading up to Christmas, but aside from Christmas Eve and Day when we didn’t raid anything we’ve still been getting shit done even with the skeleton crew.  I don’t think there is a person in the guild that isn’t ready for Planes of Power to drop. Vex Thal is my favorite raid zone. I get shot for saying it round here tho. It might be me, but gimme the dom over the butterfly queen any day.


Bleh…no thx     upscale-236588605026212[1].png

EverQuest survives yet another year and thus I realize, hell.. I’ve been playing this game more than half of my life. That kind of commitment to anything can be hard to find these days. I don’t even think Premier is as addicted to his bottle of scotch as some of us are to EQ, and that is saying something.

So what is in store for us for the 20th Anniversary?  I mean how often to games reach the 20 year mark? Daybreak has a unique opportunity and a good excuse to do some crazy awesome stuff this year, and lets just hope they capitalize on it and really give the community some things they have been asking for…



OH MY… excuse me… what was that sheesh!


And now a word from one of our most loyal members!

Dyrin girl real (1)

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