Change is coming Coirnav, brace yourself!


It is “Time” again folks

As <Relentless Insomnia> continues to soak up as much Elemental and Time Loot as possible in preparation for GoD, we see a changing of the seasons on the horizon for our server. The count down to 54 man raids and fully instanced raiding is nearing closer by the day. As loot starts going to alts or straight up rotting we feel more and more, that the great transition period of EverQuest is upon us.


Autumn Maple leaf transition

For some of us who have been through this transition from PoP to Ldon/GoD countless times we know what this means. Less open world content, less competition, lower numbers in raids, a lot less to raid, and a lot more sleep than we’ve been getting this past year.

For others though…for those who seek competition and the relaxation of 54 man raids, we will have our cake and eat it too. I’ll get to that in a second though.

First lets talk about Coirnav recruitment specifically…

Coirnav Recruitment


Our class needs are minimal however on Coirnav since we will be moving to smaller raid sizes soon, but we have a unique opening for the following:

1 Warrior

1 Cleric

1 Monk

These are classes that have historically been a low need in RI, and while we still have a solid lineup of these classes today, there is an opportunity for players of these 3 classes to make an impact in RI today.



Berserker Class


GoD Heralds the coming of a these melee monsters, and if you want to play one with RI, you best start planning for it now!

If you have desires to play a Berserker for Relentless Insomnia, we are going to be looking to add TWO of them to our roster come GoD. Yes its 5 Months away, but this is when you should start planning for their arrival. If you desire to play a Berserker for RI, than start raiding with us today on any class of your choosing, start earning DKP which can be transferred to the Berserker 100% upon release of the class. Prepare now to hit the ground running in GoD as a full member with a truck load of DKP to spend as soon as you hit lvl 65!



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