Godslayers and Velious Recruitment

Winter is coming…



Greetings Godslayers and Frogslayers alike!


The guild romped through Velious instances on test last night and turned out a win on everything without breaking a sweat.

Avatar of War


In fact the only thing that killed anyone was our wizard’s rains when we engaged Avatar of War inside the Kael Arena lawl =P


Image result for eq rain spells

We are getting our Velious mobilization traction down pat and readying our members for the expansion that is coming in late August, The Scars of Velious!

Now is a great time to apply regardless of your class. We are rocking more than a 72 man raid force on test server alone, but are always looking to replace an alt for a new talented main in our primary raid!

Exciting times ahead as we enter one of the best expansions in EverQuest. Get in and get established with us prior to Velious launch so you can really enjoy the expansion!


Apply on our forums!

Please contact Camus, Fascination, or Vicious in-game about joining today!

Kunark Defeated in 11 Days!


DPS Races, Train Wars, Charm Gating, Bad Language, Sharp Sticks and one really pissed off guy named Ronnie…

It was a grind for the ages. Ask anyone and they will tell you that 50-60 on Coirnav was the slowest of all the TLPs since. Opening day we dominated with a fast Venril Sathir and Severilous kill to start our Kunark domination properly. Then we released people to EXP and farm Medallions. After fighting and securing 48 VP Keys, 9 Trankanon kills, 10 Sev and 14 Venril Sathir kills we were able to knock our Phara Dar not once, but twice last night.

Xygos (1)

Think about this for a second. In 11 Days our guild has secured roughly the same number of Kills OR MORE than most instanced guilds here will see all of Kunark on Trak/VS/Sev.

Are you really in the guild you want to be in?  I mean really think about this, you’ll be lucky to see one of your classes BP/Legs drop during Kunark at this rate let alone fucking winning one with your guilds shitty loot system. Tell you what… when they are rotting here I’ll sell you your BP in the Commonlands ❤  – We got you babe.

Crown of Rile - Theo - Zumi

Grats Zumi and Theomars!


Robe of the Azure Sky - Paxton

Grats Paxton!


Shroud of Veeshan - Fascination

Grats Fascination!


Our “Competition” tries to sell you on the fact that they are nipping at our heels…but its just not even fair what we are doing to them. They are getting crushed.

In fact after a “contested” Trakanon kill on Friday night when members of The Final Crusade sat by and watched us slaughter Trak helplessly…jaws on the floor… a guild member equated what we were doing to punching a 5 year old girl in the face….I’m not sure how he knows what that is like…and I definitely don’t want to ask him… nor do I condone domestic violence, but if I’m being honest…I actually felt guilty and sad for TFC members having to sit there and get cucked like that. I’ve been there, it sucks. So Valiant attempt TFC, hopefully you learned something by calling in GMs to try and fight your battles for you… lol

Kunark Recruitment, Server Crashes, DPS Races, and Swole Diapers

Ronnie for Kunark.jpg

First things first… shout out to GM Dalgras.

This dude kind of snuck up on us. We haven’t seen him a ton prior to Coirnav, but he is solid. This guy can always be counted on to do the right thing by players, and his response times are nothing short of a amazing when something is really going wrong that needs attention. We have reports of this guy fielding high priority tickets at all hours of the night and on weekends none the less.


I’m not talking about the little junk we expect to wait a day or two for, but as an example we recently had two players in a bind death loop because some dude was training them while they passed out at their computer (LOL), and Dalgras was gracious enough to take action by kicking our guys from the game. 50 rezzes later by our clerics and our players only ended up losing one level or so. The guy training for 2 hours straight hasn’t been back online since. RIP

It could have been much much worse…

So I know GM Dunbar is going to be super jealous, but the May 2018 Swole award goes to GM Dalgras , you are fucking brilliant…even when we aren’t.


Better luck next month Dunbar.

DPS Races are a funny thing, they bring out the best and the worst of people at the same time. They only ever seem to bring out the best of our guild, which makes me sad that we don’t get to race guilds that often on Coirnav.

Last night the Coirnav server crashed/reset and as a result it bumped two guilds out of their instanced Sky (ouch) and into open world Sky. Lucky for these the open world Sky zone had fully re-spawned on the server crash (yay)…and both of their guilds were in the zone already in force, all alone, seemingly free to cherry pick the good stuff without the Relentless Insomnia tyrants to interfere.

Meanwhile our entire raid force was zoning back into Plane of Fear to a full trash pop dying and training ourselves silly, which despite going 3 for 3 on Slime bloods on the Golems last night (WTFLOL), saw Cazic depop on the server crash. All was right with the world for our “competition”.tumblr_inline_p7hia2ZPKm1r5z2zo_500.gif




Oh except for … Relentless found out Sky repopped and with only two Wizards in our raid managed to clean up Fear and mobilize to Sky and the only thing we lost was a single measly Spiroc Lord which we don’t need at all anymore anyway!

Think about this for a second….

Relentless had 60 people and after the server crashed we had people log into a full Plane of fear pop…it was a mess…trains galore… all that and with only two wizards porting us we got to sky and smoked everyone still. I mean… these other guilds had their raids in-force in the PoSky just from logging in…all ready  to rock and roll. We cleaned up fear, got into Sky, got buffed, and got our race on and we decimated the place.

Relentless lost the Spiroc Lord kill before we zoned in, but walked away with:

Protector of Sky – Gorgalosk – Keeper of Souls – Bazzt Zzzt -Eye of Veeshan

The race came to a head with a DPS Race on Bee vs TFC, 14 of out of the top 17 on the parse were…you guessrf it… Relentless Raiders. Get dunked on son.

Oh and this is where Ezam puts his amazingly shitty UI on display for all to enjoy, he’s from TFC himself…so he’s got a slight handicap we know.


Well done team. Driving head first into Kunark strong!


Yah I stole that banner from the internet some where. Come get me.


Last but not least I want to say a big congrats from everyone at to our local swole boy Philadar on his new baby boy.

We got to hear his warcry last night before this DPS race which I’m sure is what inspired the hearts of our troops as we ran into battle.swole baby.gif

The Eye is all that remains…



Cazic First.jpg




Phinigel-kill.jpgYou probably thought this was going to be an update on how the Phinigel Server is dead since the release of Coirnav. Welp… I don’t know about all that noise, but what I do know is that we are loving the Coirnav server.

Phinigel was filleted by 58 <RI> members on Tuesday night. It was nothing fancy just a quick in and out… there is a joke about Kegadin’s mom in there somewhere, but moving on.

The Coirnav servers classic EXP gain, with the recent ZEM changes Daybreak implemented, provided a legitimate challenge for even the most seasoned of launch groups.

Props to the winners of the race to 50 goes to the boys over at …lets call them “Team Huggies” who beat out the lead <Relentless Insomnia> group “The TLP Allstars” to level 50. It was a helluva a race that I’m quite certain any medical professional would advise against any of us doing ever again. While I’d love to say all 3 lead leveling teams met up in Lower Guk and trained the shit out of one another for half a day to claim first place… sadly it was just a straight up grind fist fight with not much in the way of juicy drama, which tells you that the top players on this server are classy as fuck if nothing else.

The Dragon’s are up next…well, if the rest of our guild will hit 50 already damnit!! LETS GOOOO!


This leveling grind from 1-50 made possible by:


Vicious out!


March 16th is Launch Day – 2PM EST!

estateofunrestEveryone loves launch day, isn’t it the best? Everyone’s naked, struggling to survive, struggling to stay awake after 30 hours. You know you love it, isn’t that why you’re here? We are a special breed of idiot us EQTLP players. So lets just own it already.

Class sign up sheet:     CLICK HERE
Join us on Discord:     CLICK HERE


Be Aggressive!
We will be starting raids within several days of the servers launch, members reaching level 46+ quickly will be made full members right away. Stragglers who do not make 46+ by the end of our first raid cycle may be subject to a trial period to obtain full membership. Players attending our first 2 raid nights will earn an initial DKP bonus at the start of the first raid for their launch efforts.

Who are we?

We are a mix of players from multiple successful progression guilds who love the grind of Classic to PoP and beyond. We are players that fully appreciate the replay value this game has to offer, and welcome the opportunity to improve our game-play and strategy on every new iteration of the TLP servers.
When do we raid?
Instanced raids will be completed on lockout during prime-time weeknight hours around 7PM-9PMCST depending entirely whats on our menu. This is in attempt to have some raid times for static content which PST, CST, and EST time zone players can all consistently plan for.
Additionally,the guild will utilize a “Bat Phone” system using a closed twitter account so you can receive mobile notifications when an open world target is available outside of our instanced raid times. Members are not required to login for off-hours “Bat-Phoned” raids, but are highly encouraged and rewarded to do so. If you do happen to be online when a raid is called, you must drop what you are doing and head out to the raid target quickly and efficiently as possible.
Loot System
We will utilize an open-bid DKP system. Attendance, DKP and items won will be tracked in an EQDKP-Plus based website. This system has been proven to be a sustainable and reliable long-term method for distributing loot fairly.
Certain items will be reserved for certain Classes/Arch-types within the first month of an expansions launch. The caliber of player we are looking to recruit will need no explanation for this, and will already know why.
Example of reserved items may or may not include: Blade of Carnage/other aggro items, high AC items, some Bows, Abashi’s Rod of Disembowelment, certain Haste items, and healing efficiency focus items. None of these should be a major surprise to you. It will be common sense standard stuff we promise. If the officers feel a sufficient number of the reserved items have dropped we will open them up to all classes.
Do what is right…
These servers have a history of being competitive, and at times extremely toxic. Each of you is expected to play hard and passionately to defend what is rightfully yours within the “morale bounds of fair play”.
Think twice before you steam roll an innocent group and ask yourself, do I really need to do this? Is the guilds progression dependent on this? If so, do what has to be done. But if that other group just wants a few mobs being the bigger man can save you from some potential retaliation later, be smart about it.
DO NOT EVER let each other back down from a bully though. If you tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble, then this guild is not for you. The players in this guild have each others backs, and if someone is trying to mess with you, you stomp them out… PERIOD.
We are the ones who knock…
Public Service Announcement
The Guild Leadership and Daybreak are not here to be your babysitters.
You are all adults and we expect our members to find ways to resolve common disputes they may have with players outside of the guild.
In Closing
In a game where knowledge is power, share it with one another freely. Lean on one another. There is always a better, faster, and more efficient way to accomplish something, so keep an open mind… always.
See you on the field!
Officer Positions Available
If you are a person of extraordinary talents please contact us in discord to speak about Leadership and Officer positions today!